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Project Brief

I challenged myself to create branding, a menu,  and a self-service kiosk for an eclectic bakery/café.


Because a lot of my work is driven by very flat graphic styles with sans serif typefaces, I wanted to challenge myself to work with more photography and a quirky serif typeface. For a previous project, I created a dashboard that was very eclectic in aesthetic with picture frames and I wanted to take that style, elevate it, and create a brand out of it.

portfolioArtboard 1bakery.jpg


After the style board, I came up with a name so that I could then move to brand squares. I decided to use the French word "Saupoudrer," which means "to sprinkle." I felt it had the right amount of elegance and whimsy to match the typeface. Once that was decided, I began brand squares to get an idea of what kind of graphic style and type layout I would use throughout the branding and applications.



I created a style board to bring together images of what I thought the inside of the bakery might look like and some textures and colors I wanted to use throughout the branding.

portfolioArtboard 1 copy 2bakery.jpg
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