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Project Brief

The challenge was to create a new-to-the-world, direct to consumer brand of paper towels


"The Household Hero" » She is the head a full household, and while it may not stay that way for long, she loves the feeling of a neat home. Her personality is upbeat, fun, & compassionate. She doesn't need the strongest paper towels, just the ones that will be soft enough to wipe a child's face, but durable enough to do light duty cleaning and non-cleaning tasks.

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The client came with the brand name, "Essentials," and the design territory, Straightforward Simplicity. This territory is focused on a friendly, optimistic, and minimal aesthetic. From this, the whole team was tasked with generating several sketches for the "Essentials" brand paper towels and the client narrowed down ones for us to work on from there.


I was given one of the ones the client chose (top left package), created by one of my teammates, to move forward with. From there, I tried recreating the sketch myself, to have a base to work from and kept the parts the client liked, while altering the things they didn't. The major concern voiced by the client were the floating shapes in the original sketch. These shapes were something I struggled with for a while, but once I was able to create "shapes with more meaning," things started to fall into place.

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