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Project Brief

The challenge was to design a system to build understanding of a chosen topic and to develop a series of 3 posters driving your audience to a site, location, event, or other action connected to your topic, as well as 1 companion piece. I chose the Bone Wars that happened in the late 1800s as my topic and I originally used them to advertise a Smithsonian Exhibit.

Extended Brief

Upon revisiting this project, I challenged myself to expand it into a traveling educational assembly program that would bring the learning into the schools, rather than the schools coming to them.

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portfolioArtboard 1 copybone wars_process.jpg

Once I chose my topic, I began by making sketches of possible ways to illustrate how the two men were just haphazardly putting things they found together and claiming they discovered new species of dinosaurs. I struggled with coming up with a way to represent this concept, so I went through many rounds of sketching and critiquing. I eventually decided to try just mashing together different images of dinosaur bones, in much the same way Marsh and Cope did, first in photoshop and then physically with torn paper.


When I began brainstorming a way to expand this project, I was inspired by an assembly I attended in elementary school where they brought an inflatable planetarium. My goal was to create a whole event around teaching kids about some of the history of paleontology in a fun, exciting way. I began by planning out what all would take place during the assembly and then used that plan to inform what stuff I still needed to design. I reworked my posters to advertise MobileEd's service and then created backdrops and one of the stations that the students would participate in.

portfolioArtboard 3bone wars_process.jpg


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