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Project Brief

The challenge was to design an experience that would cause a behavior change in your target audiences by engaging their senses.

Target Audiences

My audience for this project included tourists visiting the city, teachers and students looking for new ways to teach/learn, and local retirees looking for new entertainment.

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Style Board

I decided to create an app and accompanying food tour that would reveal hidden histories and other facts hidden "In Plain SIght" as the user walked around the city. For the style, I wanted to implement a more vintage feel with black and off-white photos and the use of Cooper Black. I also wanted to try using characters as part of the brand to personify each of the 4 categories of information you can learn: Art & Literature, Sports & Entertainment, History & Geography, and Science & Nature.


After creating the style board, I began ideating for the logo and the user flow for the app.

For the logo, I decided to implement a flexible logo that could change to reflect the city it's currently in (examples can be seen above.

For the user flow, I worked to come up with every possible screen and feature a user would need to navigate the app. I then used this flow to help me know what screend needed to be designed for my XD prototype. I iterated on this prototype, adding more and refining features with every iteration.

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Appealing to the senses

A major factor of this project was appealing to the user's senses to cause a change in their behavior. In order to achieve this, I worked to come up with many features that would appeal to different senses.

  • SIGHT - the app itself and the locations it leads you to view

  • TOUCH - the app, haptics as you near a location, and the food on the tour

  • HEAR - the interactives (AR, games, audio/video) in the app

  • TASTE - the food on the food tour

Experience Map

As part of designing this experience, I created an experience map that would show the average user's thoughts, feelings, and actions while using the app for the first time.

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