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Project Brief

The challenge was to create a book of information about a place designed for the use of visitors or tourists, or guidebook.

Book Topic

For this book, I chose to make it about the drive-in theatres in Ohio. At the time, I worked at the Holiday Auto Theatre in Hamilton, Ohio and I think the aesthetics of it are really cool and most of them still look like they are stuck in the 1950s and 60, the height of their popularity. I wanted to use it as a way to educate people on the multitude of drive-ins in Ohio and to hopefully support them by driving more people to visit them.

portfolioArtboard 1guidebookprocess.jpg

Style Board + Graphic exploration

I began by pulling together lots of 1950s and 60s illustrations because they are often featured before the movies shown. I also pulled together lots of the neon marquees that they have. I tried creating my own version of each that I could apply to the first iterations of my book. 


After my first round of iterations, I realized that even though I liked the cartoons, they didn't really mesh with the rest of the design aesthetic. So for my next round, I leaned further into the neon red and blue concept and created the header for every new section. From these, I developed the rest of the book.

I later came back to this project and added an additional promotional part to it and created posters, punch cards, and shirts that go along with the book.


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