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Project Brief

The challenge was to create new flexible branding for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Client Brief

The Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) opened in 1933 in the last remaining building, the fine arts hall, of the 1893 Columbian Exposition White City. They describe themselves as “the place where generations have been coming to see what’s next.” The audience for MSI is rather broad. It encapsulates from school-age children to adults and they really try to cater to both ends.


I started this project by determining 2 personas I would use to inform the rest of my decisions. Because the museum has such a broad audience, I wanted to pick people from as different backgrounds as I could that would still be interested in the museum.

Process: Brand Squares

Once I established my personas, I started creating brand squares to get ideas for what direction to take the brand. I took the second and third set of brand squares and put them together to create my final direction. I took inspiration from the fact that a museum about the latest innovations chose to house their work in a neoclassical style building, as well as the fact that they also show past inventions and how they lead to the latest technology within the same space. I wanted to use vintage photography, but use more modern graphic shapes over it to show that dynamic.

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To make it a flexible brand, I chose to have the ability to swap between a solid filled logo and an image fill, as well as allowing the hexagonal logo be rearranged within the grid.