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Project Brief

The challenge was to work with a multidisciplinary team to create a marketing campaign that appealed to 18-24 year olds, while also sticking with the Pop-Tarts brand.


Client Brief

The client asked our team to:

GET young adults who relied on Pop-Tarts as kids

TO continue to reach for Pop-Tarts as they leave their parents’ home

BY showing them that Pop-Tarts…

  • are an easy, craveable breakfast and snack. 

  • is a brand that understands and reflects them.


We began by doing research on our target audience, young adults ages 18-24. Through our research we found that:

  • Gen Z eating habits are very irregular compared to older generations

    • Not at the dinner table 3 times a day

    • Many of their meals are on the go

  • The brand needs to work with the consumer’s lifestyle

    • Be there for them when they need it

    • Let them decide how, when, and where works for them

INSIGHT + Tagline

From our research findings, we came up with our insight, "Gen Z’s daily schedules are spontaneous and crazy, so their eating habits are irregular. Because of this, food brands need to be versatile and allow them to claim how, when, and where they eat."

We also came up with our tagline, "CLAIM YOUR CRAZE." Which challenges consumers to take charge of their crazy lives and embrace the chaos. Which also tied into the Pop-Tart's "Crazy Good" slogan.

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nature doc.jpg


For our campaign, we came up with the idea to use a Nature Documentary theme. We felt this theme spoke to how crazy and spontaneous the consumers' lives are in a fun and comedic way. This campaign would be mainly Tik Tok and Instagram videos ads, but could also be expanded to audio ads for podcasts and other experiential components.. The videos would feature our narrator, Crazy Craig, observing the daily activities of a young adult. More about the narrator and the campaign can be found in our final presentation below.


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