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Project Brief

The challenge was to create a non-screen-based outcome to serve the needs of a people group, driven by an activity-centered approach to design. The client wanted to target elderly people in Dubois, Wyoming, interested in Film Noir.

Activity Brainstorming

After being presented with the brief, I began brainstorming 3 different activities the target audience would be interested including: attending a Film Noir enthusiast group/convention, attending the premiere of a new film, visit a portrait studio that would allow him to see themself as the star of a Film Noir. I chose the last activity to move forward with because it was the most interesting of the 3 and it was tackling a kind of design I hadn't ever really done before: experience design.

portfolioArtboard 1privateeye-process.jpg


From there, I started researching Film Noir some more and started pulling together a style board of different photos and typeface to get a feel of the visual style of the genre.


I, then, started planning out the way the studio would function, the steps through it, and what the customer would be doing at each step. I then needed a logo and name before I could move forward. I tried several different names and styles before deciding "Private Eye Studio" with the venetian blind look was the strongest and most representative of the genre's style.

portfolioArtboard 1 copyprivateeye-process.jpg



As an extension of this project, I created a website for an expanded audience where people can view previous work and book an appointment for a shoot at the studio online.